Ocean Traders produce a comprehensive range of products and specialise in the supply of raw materials for further processing to retail and food service ready meal manufacturers.

A varied Range of species to include:

Salmon | Smoked Salmon | Cod | Haddock | Smoked Haddock | Plaice

Alaskan Pollock | Tuna | Halibut | Swordfish | Lemon Sole | Panga

Some of our standard products are listed below, although we specialise in working accurately to bespoke projects for our customers. Please contact us with your specific requirements.

Block Products

Dice 10, 15, 20, 30mm

Dice bespoke to customer spec

Portions bespoke to customer spec

Fingers bespoke to customer spec

We produce industry standard 7.5kg laminated fish blocks

Minced fish products

7.5kg Blocks

Natural Fillet

Smoked Products




Fillet Portions

Loins, Tails & Mid Cuts



IQF Fish Fillets

Full range of sizes & species

Wholefish & Loins

Fish steaks & supremes

Formed Fillet Shape Portions for the coating industry

Loin Shape Portions

Pressed Formed Portions

Our Products